REAL leader of the Brown Mushroom trading company...


Sythessal is a striking figure indeed. At well over 7’ tall and usually dressed in brightly coloured robes, dripping with the finest jewels (it favours amber and topaz).
Sythessal always carries an amber tipped wand at its belt (though the wands full list of functions is unknown) as well as a beautiful staff decorated with gold and gemstones. Sythessal communicates with a distinctly “female” voice when dealing with the lesser races.


Recently “appointed” (due to lack of competition) leader of The Brown Mushroom trading company, A true merchant and diplomat, it will always look to make a profit in any situation and is not above using its natural abilities of mind control to achieve this…
The creature leaves the day to day running of the company to Danifae Ord’rouis, since its species are generally not welcomed in trading circles…
Sythessal has at least some sorcerous abilities in addition to its fearsome array of natural psionics.

The creature is usually accompanied by its favourite slave Valas, a beautiful elven male.


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