Cousin of Sabrae


This striking male drow is around 200 years of age, He simply oozes wealth! his wands (and 3 are always on display) are tipped with precious stones with runes etched in diamond dust. He dresses in black robes, fabulously embroidered with platinum and gold thread. Even his spell components are of the finest materials (he uses diamond instead of crystal, dragon scale instead of lizard etc.)
Dwilisith can be recognised by his pale blue eyes (so similar to his cousins and very unusual among the drow)


Sabrae’s older cousin, by her Uncle Nalfein. Dwilisith is both ambitious and powerful. Determined not to perish with his doomed house, the mage took action long before the house’s downfall, making contacts with slavers and traders outside of the city.
When the opportunity came, he betrayed his surviving siblings along with a handful of non nobles and struck a deal with The Brown Mushroom trading company.
In return, the trading company has given him access to many magical items, unknown in the underdark and Dwilisith has quickly become a very wealthy drow indeed!
Dwilisith continues to do business with the company and often travels with the caravans.


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